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Transformers Vs Harry Potter

Well this is interesting. The new Transformers movie comes out in 15 days. Paramount has a deal with IMAX to exclusively show the Transformers movie in the IMAX theatres for four weeks straight, so no other movie can be shown on the IMAX theatres for those four weeks. This is interesting because Harry Potter comes out during that time, and as such, the IMAX version will not be able to be shown until two weeks after it's non-IMAX release. Only two theatres in the country are expempt from this, and thus able to show the new Harry Potter movie on the day it comes out, one is in Los Angeles and the other is in New York City. Before you get upset, don't blame Paramount for this. They set this deal with IMAX many many months ago. They staked their claim. No, but you can blame Warner Brothers, because guess who decided to move Harry Potter off of the original November 2008 release date to this one. So now, unless you live in LA or NYC, you have to decide if you want your first viewing to be in it's first weekend, or wait to see the IMAX version two weeks later. The IMAX version apparently has an extra 13 minutes of footage included, but who knows what kind of footage that is. It can't be important footage, because if it was relevant to plot, they couldn't leave it out of the regular screenings. Oh well.